Announcing FSA Basketball 2022-23 Season Details 
Dear FSA Basketball Fans,
FSA Basketball is back and the 2022-2023 season (Our 24th year!) is about to get underway for boys and girls leagues. For those familiar with the league, we’re planning the same type of program as in years past at Lloyd Hall on Kelly Drive from mid-late November to early March.
The league’s emphasis is, first and foremost, instructional. Basketball can be quite competitive; our aim is to keep it enjoyable and fun for children (and their families) whether they are experienced or beginners at playing the game. We rely entirely on volunteers (except for our young adult referees and older league score keepers) to coach and manage the teams.
FSA Basketball is divided into four groups:
  • Boys 7-9 year olds
  • Girls 7-9 year olds
  • Boys 10-12 year olds
  • Girls 10-12 year olds
All our games and practices are at Lloyd Hall. Our gym time includes both Saturdays and Sundays for all leagues as well as three weeknight slots for the older leagues to use for practices and, possibly, some games.
Registration will be online only this year
A link to the LeagueOne registration form will be sent out next week and posted on the website with the date and time that the registration site will be open. There is a strict limit to the number of spots in each league. This is first come, first served for all age groups. So be on the lookout for the email with registration details and the link. The cost is $65 a child. There’s no charge for the third child from the same family.
We rely on volunteer coaches, assistant coaches and support positions
The league counts on committed volunteers to succeed. Lack of experience is definitely not a barrier to getting involved and it’s fun. As we move forward, we’ll let you know how to get involved.
Again, we’re excited to be back at full strength this year so look for the email in the upcoming week with registration details, online link and the date and time registration opens.