Boys 10-12 Division and Rules

Boys 10-12 Division and Rules

Please see Game and Practice Schedule for information about when your team plays and practices

Instruction and competition are emphasized in this league. Players commit to attending practices as well as games, exercising good sportsmanship at all times, and respecting their teammates, coaches, and referees. Players who fulfill these expectations will play at least 50 percent of game time as long as their health and physical fitness allow it.

Five to ten minutes of warm-up before each game. Clock will count down to tip-off during this period.

1)  Two 20 minute halves; running time until the last two minutes of the second half. During the last two minutes of second half only, the clock stops for fouls and out-of-bounds.

2)  Each team gets 3 one-minute timeouts per half (but if games are running behind schedule, refs/scorekeepers can change to 2 timeouts if necessary, notifying coaches before tip-off).

3)    Fast breaking is allowed; pressing is permitted only in the final two minutes of each half. (During the first 18 minutes of each half, players must fall back on defense when their team loses possession, and defensive players may not cross the white line located roughly halfway between the top-of-the-key and the halfcourt line.)

4)    10-second rule for bringing the ball over halfcourt enforced only in final 2 minutes of half.

5)    Players who commit 5 personal fouls will be disqualified for the remainder of the game, and must sit on the bench.

6)    On the 7th team foul of each half, we shoot one-and-one.

7)    On the 10th team foul, it’s two shots.

8)    Flagrant foul results in two shots followed by ball possession for the fouled team.

9)    Technical fouls: two shots and the ball.

10) Two technical fouls and the player or coach is ejected from the game, must leave the gym.

11) On free throws, players may not enter the lane until the shooter has released the ball.

12) Overtime: 3 minutes, with standard clock stoppages in the last minute. Fouls will carry over from regulation.

13) Held balls will result in alternating change of possession based on first tip-off.

14) Each team should keep their own book. Score board keeper will keep score as well.

15) All new players coming into the league must be evaluated before placed on a team.