Boys 10-12 Division and Rules

Please see Game and Practice Schedule for information about when your team plays and practices

Instruction and competition are emphasized in this league.

Fifteen minutes of practice before each game. Clock will start for this period.

1)    Two twenty minute halves; running time until the last two minutes of the second half

2)    Last two minutes of second half only, the clock stops for fouls, out of bounds and time outs.

3)    Fast breaking allowed; pressing only in the two minutes of each half

4)    No 10 second rule for bringing the ball over half court

5)    Each player gets 5 fouls per game.

6)    On the 7th foul of each half we shoot one and one.

7)    On tenth foul it’s two shots

8)    Flagrant foul gets two shots and the ball back

9)    Technical fouls: two shots and the ball

10) Two technical fouls and the player or coach is out of the game, must leave the gym

11) Players must not enter the lane on foul shots until the ball hits the rim

12) Each team gets 3 one minute time outs per half (can change to 2 time outs if time left demands it)

13) Overtime: 3 minutes – stop clock last minute. Fouls will carry over from regulation

14) Change of possession from first tip off.

15) Each team should keep their own book. Score board keeper will be keep score as well.

16) All new players coming into the league must be evaluated before placed on a team.