About the League

2021/2022 FSA Basketball | Reviving a 20+ Year Tradition

FSA Basketball Fans,

FSA Basketball Rules and Guidelines

As you know, there are some special regulations we’ll be following to make sure everyone is safe while sharing the space at Lloyd Hall. These regulations are mandated by Philadelphia Parks and Recreation. We all must be vigilant in following them at all times.

  • All participants, including children, must wear a mask while inside the facility. Please don’t show up without one. We don’t have extras.
  • There’s no eating or drinking inside the gym
  • Occupancy is capped at 50 at any time in Lloyd Hall. Our 7-9 leagues are designed for close to 50 people per session
    • We expect that all children in the 7-9 leagues will have one parent or guardian in attendance with no other spectators or siblings
  • Parents must sign a COVID-19 Parents Agreement and all participants must sign a COVID screening form prior to entering the building each time
  • Stating the obvious: if you are not feeling well, stay home.

We have worked hard to optimize the time we have available for the most children possible. This will necessitate a more precise scheduling and transition process between sessions.

  • Please do not show up early for your assigned practice and game time. Those waiting to play will not be able to congregate inside Lloyd Hall. Be mindful of weather conditions. The Cosmic Café will be open for food and drink which cannot be brought into the gym.
  • Participants will have to exit promptly following their assigned practice and game time
  • Teams will need to actively communicate with each other to ensure all team members are updated on any absences, etc.
    • The 7-9 league teams are smaller due to occupancy restrictions, so we need to know exactly how many children are attending each week. We’ll adjust teams and competition to match team sizes.

These regulations are subject to change.

For those familiar with the league, we’re planning the same type of program as in years past at Lloyd Hall on Kelly Drive from early December to early March. The league’s emphasis is, first and foremost, instructional. Basketball can be quite competitive; we aim to keep it enjoyable and fun for children regardless of their experience or skill in playing the game. 

  • Boys 7-9 year olds practice and play on Saturday mornings (one hour session)
  • Girls 7-9 year olds practice and play on Saturday mornings (one hour session)
  • Boys 10-12 year olds practice and play on Saturday afternoons and one weeknight each week (session times vary, based on availability, etc.)
  • Girls 10-12 year olds practice and play on Saturday afternoons and one weeknight each week (session times vary, based on availability, etc.)

We Need Volunteers!

The league’s success and participant safety depends 100% on volunteer support. We need volunteers to help coach, ref, keep score and manage our compliance with COVID safety protocols. You must indicate your preferred volunteer role in supporting the league when registering. While we may not need your help, we do need to know we have a “Deep Bench” to call on. Everyone can contribute and If you don’t know how to do something, we’ll show you. The emphasis is on fun and instruction, even for parents and guardians. 

The Fairmount Sports Association runs this youth basketball league for children ages 7 to 9 and 10 to 12. All skill levels are encouraged to participateAll games are played at Lloyd Hall, #1 Boathouse Row, Kelly Drive. Tee-Shirts are provided.

7-9 Age Group – all-boys and all-girls divisions: All players play equal time. approx. 9 ft high baskets.  THERE ARE NO PLAYOFFS. The league focuses on fun and instruction.

10-12 Age Group- all-boys and all-girls divisions: All players play at least 50% of game time. Full court w/ regulation baskets. Game times are Saturday afternoon and one weeknight for additional games and practices ALL TEAMS MAKE THE PLAYOFFS.

For information about Fairmount Sports Association and the flag football/baseball/softball program, go to www.fairmountsports.org.